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: Seed, : 2005-12-09 19:47.
Danne G - Guitar
n1c - Drums
Mange - Vocals
Johan - Bass


Danne, n1c and Marcus forms the foundation of the band. Danne on guitar, Marcus on bass and n1c on the drums.

We felt we wanted to have two guitars and Marcus trades his bass in for a guitar. We recruited a new bass player by the name of Heyk. Still we were looking for a vocalist.

We were pretty much living in our rehearsal space writing and creating.
Different vocalists were tried, but without complete satisfaction.

Jim (former vocalist of Gardenian) helped us out with the vocals on
recordings and while rehearsing.

We had our first gig (though not under the name of Headplate and with Jim on vocals). Mange started to get involved with the band. Our first contact with
Gain Productions was made.

We took the name Headplate. We recorded a demo that was named 'Wake up' with Mange on vocals.. We were very pleased with the result and Mange joins the band. Another demo named 'Sleepy' was recorded (probably the only one of our demos that you can still get your hands on). The demo includes songs that later on ended up on the 'Bullsized' album. Our first gigs under the name of Headplate takes place in Kinna, Sweden.

Our last demo ever (probably) was recorded. It was called 'Beyond whats in front' and if you get your hands on one you shouldn't let go. A track named 'Don't be like me' can be found on the 'Bullsized' album. Negotiations between Gain Recordings and Headplate start. Marcus decides to leave the band because of personal and social reasons. A contract between Headplate and Gain is signed.

We enter the studio for the recording of our debut album. We decide on naming the album 'Bullsized'. We filmed the video for the song 'Bullsized'. The album is mixed and mastered in May and the cover work is finished. The album is set for release in June but due to some circumstances out of our reach the album is released on October the 2nd. We had our release party at Belsepub in Gothenburg, which also was the first gig with only four members. The video for 'Bullsized' is shown on SVT - VoxPop and MTV Super rock. We did a mini-tour in Sweden opening for Hardcore Superstar.

We did a couple of gigs around Sweden. Two major gigs were at the Hultsfred Festival and the finish festival called Tuska. We began the recording of our follow up album in November. We opened for Machine Head during their four gigs in Scandinavia.

The name 'Delicate' is chosen to be the title of the second album. We mixed and master the recording during January/February. We did a mini-tour with the Swedish band LOK (RIP) in Norway. Our album 'Delicate' was released on the 3rd of June. We received good response from fans and critics both in Sweden and abroad. We finally got to play at the 'Goteborgs Kalaset' which was one of our goals. We lost our rehearsal space and this meant a lot of problems for us..

Finally we were lucky enough to find ourselves a new rehearsal space and the writing of new songs and material began.. Hakan left the band in June due lack of interest. Johan Andreasen joins to take Hakans place..

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