»Альт-рок группы - Slaves on Dope

Автор: Seed, Отправлено: 2005-12-09 20:08.
Jason Rockman - вокал
Kevin Jardine - гитара
Frank Salvaggio - бас-гитара
Rob Urbani - ударные


laves On Dope. Powerful, focused and united.

Few names in rock music conjure up so many images and emotions. What does it mean? What is the message? The message is the music? and music is something to behold. The new record is dark and powerful but at the same time it soars, it lifts, it promises a glimpse of the future while staying firmly rooted in rocks rich history.

Like every band that's tried to make it in the ultra-competitive world of rock, the Slaves have faced adversity throughout their career. They've knocked on executives doors, they valet'd cars to make ends meet and lived in places not fit for animals. They've paid their dues and stuck it out, even through the darkest times.

The current incarnation of Slaves On Dope was forged in the blistering summer of 1995. During their Canadian run, the Slaves released two albums, "One Good Turn Deserves Another" and "Klepto". Both albums received critical acclaim from the Canadian media. After several years of touring in Canada, the Slaves decided to expand their horizons. They moved to Los Angeles and within a year the four band members had not only entered the land of Oz, they knew the Wizard of Oz personally... as in Ozzy Osbourne! Sharon Osbourne caught the Slaves live show at the Opium Den in Hollywood and was so taken with the bands show that she signed them on the spot. Soon after, the Slaves released their first major North American release, "Inches From The Mainline". The album encapsulated the raw aggression that was prevalent at the time and went on to sell over 100,000 copies. The Slaves toured relentlessly including Ozzfest, Snocore 2001, and supported Static X, Taproot, Soulfly, Hed(Pe), Soulfly, , Drowning Pool, Saliva, System of a Down, Linkin Park, P.O.D. and Papa Roach. After touring nonstop across America, the Slaves returned to their homestead to regroup, re-think and re-organize.

Slaves On Dope were evolving... After the 9/11 catastrophe that affected the world, it was time to dig deeper and take the band into new and uncharted territory... Enter the Bieler Brothers. They possessed a clear vision... a vision in which the Slaves would reach new heights of success and expand on the diehard core they already had. Drawing upon their early influences, (ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Stone Temple Pilots and Depeche Mode) the Slaves forged a fresh sound, which encapsulated both the old and the new eras of what they term "Pure Rock". The Slaves, went to Florida and recorded 12 bleeding-edge tracks at the Bieler Bros. studios. With songs like "So Clear", "Casualty of Me", "Pattern" and "Go" this record has all the potential to break wide open and all the credibility to retain loyalty from old fans.

The new CD was produced by Slaves On Dope and co-produced by Jason Slater & Troy Van Leeuwen and will be released this April. The Slaves are excited to launch the new CD this spring to the loyal Slaves on Dope fans across the world.

"There is no fate but what we make."